About the girl in this picture

My name is Emma. I like vintage furniture, drinking tea, eating good food, working out and travelling. Little known fact: I’m an enormous math geek and jump at the opportunity to crunch numbers on pretty much anything.

I grew up in Valleyview, Alberta, a town of 1,800 people north of the 55th parallel. As far as I could tell, there was no valley and no view, but that’s beside the point. I spent a lot of time dreaming of how someday I was going to change the world.

After high school, I moved 650 kilometres south to Calgary, where I studied journalism. I spent the next eight years working as a reporter and editor on newspapers and magazines in Canada and the U.K.

In 2007, I created a column and website called The Green Guide for the Calgary Herald. Providing practical environmental advice, The Green Guide was a labour of love I put together in between laying out and editing newspaper pages. Much to my dismay, my pet project ended up winning international recognition from the Online Journalism Review, the International Newspaper Marketing Association, the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Emerald Foundation.

Because of my insatiable geekiness, the more I learned about environmental issues, the more I wanted to know. In late 2009, I left the Herald to help lead the communications efforts of the Pembina Institute, a Canadian non-profit that researches sustainable energy solutions. Opportunity came knocking again in March 2011 and I became the communications director for the Dogwood Initiative, an innovative Victoria-based nonprofit that empowers everyday British Columbians to take back decision-making power over their land, air and water. I love this Tommy Douglas quote: “Remember that in a democracy, governments are your servants and not your masters.”

When I’m not at work, I’m doing math, freelance writing, travelling or just lapping up life on the West Coast.

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